Welcome to Fragsey's [FuN] Fight club page.

The Fight club is usually on Fun 4 Gamers and includes a host of players on that server. Lets say that to get in you need a knife and thats it.... Let the stabfest begin!

[FuN] Graz in the Knifewar arena (Depot Cargo bay)

Someone left the coat hanger in their jacket and got caught.

Bouncer Bob, If ya aint got a knife ya aint comin in!

Bob and Graz face off.

Graz, Bob and mGSWAY take a threesome :D

Don't ask where Graz will stick that knife (in Bob)

I take in a bit of nade juggling while waiting for contestants.

Graz's Holiday snaps, "Heres where we parked the Caravan, but for some reason they kept throwing smoke cannisters at it"

Graz 'n' Bob.... See, we can live together in peace and harmony. (shortly after this picture was taken Graz was gibbed by a nade, we will remember a friend that was) :D

The Fightclub is busy today.

Say cheese, some of the bladers in the club.

[FuN] Bob and [FuN] Graz decide to dance!

Graz and Bob start a skirmish

The fight continues

Ooops Graz is killed by Caca... oops! (oops as graz would say)

Graz goes to sort out the heckler in the crowd. Jawol

Graz gets a lift.... at knifepoint

Er... graz looks like he's leggin it away from ruthless gang

Another group pic.... just after this we get ambushed by a bunch of idiots with guns.... we'll stab em later!

WTF, its christmas, and we get a prezzy of nades!
UPDATED 04/08/02

Thanks to the guys on FuN 4 Gamers server for help with some of these shots! Special thanks to [FuN]Graz, [FuN]Bob, [FuN]Stomith, Ini, mGSway and others.
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